Moovex Acquired by iCabbi, Paving The Way For Unrivalled AI Fleet Innovation

Thu Mar 14, 2024

Moovex is celebrating a landmark move to merge with iCabbi, the world’s most powerful taxi dispatch platform. Moovex was officially acquired by Dublin-based iCabbi in January of this year. This followed an 18 month-long partnership wherein the iCabbi and Moovex dev teams worked closely together to integrate the two mobility platforms and drive significant advancements in dispatch innovation. 

Ohad Noy, CEO of Moovex, commented: "After eight years dedicated to developing the Moovex platform, we are delighted to officially unite with the iCabbi team. Integrating iCabbi and Moovex marks a pivotal moment in dispatching technology, and the overwhelming response from transport providers underscores its significance. Together, we're spearheading a new era of innovation in fleet management. This acquisition marks the culmination of an intense yet immensely rewarding phase of development, propelling us forward toward our next advanced feature set

CEO of iCabbi Mick Tope stated, “We were impressed by Ohad Noy and his team the first time we met them, and are even more impressed after spending a year working alongside one another. iCabbi were looking for an innovative and agile development company that could allow us to harness the power of AI to create next generation products for  our customers. We have that now with Moovex and are very excited”. 

iCabbi and Moovex are launching a brand-new AI product. Move AI harnesses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver advanced route optimization and real-time re-optimization capabilities to taxi and non-emergency transportation (NEMT) fleet managers. 

Move AI responds to emerging diversification trends in the taxi industry. Along with NEMT, ew opportunities are also being pursued in micro-transit, school work, shuttles, and other mobility scenarios.  

Move AI guarantees that fleets can service more trips with fewer drivers.  Through virtual fleet simulation, fleet managers can evaluate thousands of individual, grouped, and linked trip combinations in seconds. Machine learning is used to predict optimum mobility scenarios and these are then tested against available drivers to enable fleet managers to proactively manage supply and demand. Drivers then work off a smart Driver manifest to manage journeys. 

Move AI is a premium upgrade to the iCabbi platform designed specifically for NEMT and Taxi transportation providers, as well as iCabbi fleets who wish to diversify their offering into other areas such as school buses, employee transportation, microtransit, deliveries, and more. 

Moovex continues to operate as a stand-alone offering for mobility providers who are not taxi or NEMT. Its customers currently include coach and bus. 

A waiting list for Move AI from both iCabbi’s traditional taxi market customer base and from within fleets that solely do NEMT trips has formed and is growing fast. iCabbi has committed additional resources to its implementation and operational team to enable fleets to onboard as quickly as possible. In addition, recruitment is underway for a Director of Sales for Move AI in North America. 

On the future of the product, Tope commented:  “We needed to purchase Moovex to ensure that iCabbi’s disruption of the NEMT space advances at pace. The Move AI product is already incredibly powerful, but there is so much yet to come. The talented Moovex development team will now be embedded within iCabbi’s wider product team as a fully dedicated resource, committed to driving advancements in AI fleet optimization. ” 

iCabbi is part of the Mobilize ecosystem, which gathers all the mobility and energy-related services of the Renault Group

For further information, please contact:
Sinead Gillett, CMO iCabbi, or +353 879 897 610

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