The Mobility Streaming Platform

Launch new mobility services, optimize existing ones and drive your fleet to peak performance

Moovex streamlines and optimizes any demand scenario into autonomous dispatch, backed by our experience, leveraged by AI.

Ride & delivery

Instantly run any mobility scenario imaginable


Seamless proactive fleet orchestration and rideshare technology - designed to handle some of the most extreme urban and traffic environments on the planet


Shared rides are the new way to get around - introduce your business to the new generation of mobility.

Delivery & Logistics

Your fleet is now multi-purpose. Drive revenue and growth by introducing your fleet to new business verticals.

First & Last Mile

Door-to-door is the new cool. Offer an end-to-end journey for your customers by seamlessly integrating any type of private or shared solution.

streaming the FUTURE OF MOBILITY together

Our partners

One platform. All the tools you need.

Data-Driven Fleets, Literally

We take your complex mobility scenario, with drivers, vehicles, and demand, and instantly create the optimal plan for your fleet. We constantly transform data about your fleet and environment to optimize your unique operations.

Redefining Dispatch

Autonomous Manifests

Automatically generate live manifest, capturing any demand scenario, assigning assets, and mapping the best routes for optimal performance.
Real-Time. On-Time. Every Time. Playbook. 
Hands off and Worry-free. 

Map it out with AI

Routing like never before

Our technology dynamically discovers the best play for every trip you have, processing all your constraints and opportunities and mapping the most profitable and reliable route for any scenario  in just seconds.


Dynamic Assets Matching

Automatically match and assign assets in context to real-time conditions and constraints. Leveraging your fleet to peak operational performance, saving you serious time and money.

OUR story

Harmonized Mobility

Our mission is to lead the next frontier smart MaaS orchestration by pairing machine learning with powerful optimization technology.

Our team carries decades of experience in big data, consumer products, and the transportation and mobility industries have all the tools we need to make it happen.

28 million




$32 millions

in Cost Savings

"We are constantly trying to find ways to save time and money. Moovex helps us achieve that with their constant system development that is always advancing us forward . "

Dan Carmel

Medical Mobility

"We love Moovex, It has really streamlined our fleet operational and metrics efficiency. "

Arthur Kaza

Cab Collab

"Moovex is our competitive edge, It has allowed us in the past month to extend our services into to new mobility models"

Mark Friedman

Daily Shuttles

"Bringing in a tool that finally utilizes all our the data into one centralized brain to make informed decisions and help automate our business is critical. "

Joshua Home



Moovex Acquired by iCabbi!

Moovex is celebrating a landmark move to merge with iCabbi, the world’s most powerful taxi dispatch platform. Moovex was officially acquired by Dublin-based iCabbi in January of this year. This followed an 18 month-long partnership...


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